Sunday, July 4, 2010

In Memory of Nakita I

Nakita I: ???? - July 4, 2003.
It has been seven years since you left us. I still miss you very much. You left us so quickly without warning. I guess that was better than making some painful decision at the end.
We don't know your birthday because you were a stray from an animal shelter. Someone took you as a puppy and enjoyed your puppyhood. Then when you became older they tired of you and abandoned you where you could find no food or water. It must have been a terrifying experience for you. You were picked up by the animal shelter and nobady came to claim you.
I remember that day, January 10, 1994, when our family came to the shelter to adopt a dog. You were so excited when the cage door opened. When we put you in the car you curled up in the back seat like you always belonged there. My children were small then and you all grew up together. We shared many camping trips together.
The years went by quickly. I still remember you like it was yesterday.
I hope someday our existance and the universe makes some sense and we will be reunited with all those creatures we loved so much.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pool time

It's hot today, doggies wanted their pool out. Where's Nakita?

Looks like too much work. Would rather sleep.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Haven't posted for a while

I haven't posted for a while. Still no job yet but doggies are happy I'm home more. Doggies don't care how much money you make, they always offer unconditional love.

Brodie's an inside dog. He will not allow anyone into his house unless you bribe him with treats.

Nakita's also an inside dog. She likes to sleep on 6 feather pillows on the bed. She only goes outside to wiz and runs back in. She hates to get her feet cold or wet.

Nahanni's a diehard outside dog. She was upset the past winter was warm and snowless. She likes to stay outside when it's 20 below and mom has to run outside after her to get her inside.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello again, no job yet but the doggies are happy I'm home a lot.
Here are some baby pictures:

Brodie-German Shepherd

Born Oct. 31, 2004

I am 8 weeks old and just moved to my new home.

My ears were just tatooed.

Nahanni-Siberian Husky

Born Sept. 14, 2005

I am 3 days old here.

Nakita-Siberian Husky
Born Jan. 3, 2007
This is my first day home, I'm 8 weeks old.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Everybody!

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I ushered the new year in as unemployed. So when I'm not ready and willing to look for a new job, I thought I would start this blog. I really love my dogs, they are my life. Psychologist would argue that this is not healthy and I'm trying to fill a void in my life and that I'm all messed up. Everybody is entitled to an opinion and at this point of my life I really don't care any more. I would like to quote my hero Cesar Millan: "Dogs live for today". They don't care about the past or the future. They don't hold a grudge. If told they have six months to live they don't care bacause they live for today. So I invite everyone to join me and celibrate today. With the economic uncertainty we might loose everything and be pan handlers or squeegee people. That's okay, don't worry, be happy. I love my dogs.