Saturday, June 26, 2010

Haven't posted for a while

I haven't posted for a while. Still no job yet but doggies are happy I'm home more. Doggies don't care how much money you make, they always offer unconditional love.

Brodie's an inside dog. He will not allow anyone into his house unless you bribe him with treats.

Nakita's also an inside dog. She likes to sleep on 6 feather pillows on the bed. She only goes outside to wiz and runs back in. She hates to get her feet cold or wet.

Nahanni's a diehard outside dog. She was upset the past winter was warm and snowless. She likes to stay outside when it's 20 below and mom has to run outside after her to get her inside.


  1. Welcome back to the blogospere. Your pals are beautiful. Hope to be reading more about them. Popping in from the blog hop.

  2. Thank you for the welcome. Congrats on leaving the nursing home and regaining you independence. I look forward to reading about your dogs too.